The Underground Gourmet on Earl’s Beer & Cheese; Where to Dine Across the World

Earl's Beer & Cheese.
Earl's Beer & Cheese. Photo: Danny Kim

This week in the magazine, the Underground Gourmet visits Earl’s Beer & Cheese, where they find a “super-­convivial vibe and tasty beer.” Despite these elements, it’s the food that wins our critics over, including a “crazy-­genius” Calabro-mozzarella grilled cheese with “dill-pickle slices, potato chips, and a hearty slathering of miso mayo” on an English-muffin bun. That and the “loony-bin invention featuring New York State Cheddar melted over braised pork belly with kimchee and a fried egg on griddle-toasted sourdough” help earn the place three stars.

Meanwhile, Rob Patronite and Robin Raisfeld also have news on that most robust of food trends: the Korean taco. The duo brings word of an upcoming “mobile kitchen” that will feature the highlights of local Korean restaurants, including Danji. The Robs also alert us to the availability of Dancing Ewe Farm’s sheep’s-milk ricotta, a surefire harbinger of spring that makes for a terrific panna cotta. And don’t miss New York’s spring travel guide, which offers eating tips for cities as far-flung as Rio, Bangkok, and Cairo.