Henan Feng Wei Spinoff He Nan Flavor Now Serving Noodle Soups and Dumplings in Chinatown

Photo: Dave Cook/Eating in Translation

Until recently, Flushing’s Henan Feng Wei has been one of the few restaurants where regional-Chinese-food nerds can explore that province’s cuisine. Yet now, in a trajectory that’s becoming increasingly common (take Xi’an Famous Foods’ inner-borough migration over the last year), the restaurant has opened a second branch, in Manhattan — in the part of East Chinatown that’s mostly Fuzhou restaurants. The new place is called He Nan Flavor, and Eating in Translation reports that the menu is slightly smaller than at the Flushing original, though we hear from our source that you can still order the fiery, schmaltz-stippled Spicy Big Tray of Chicken, in our opinion the first location’s best dish.

He Nan Flavor, 68 B Forsyth St., nr. Hester St.; 212-625-8299