Gray’s Papaya Gets Into the Pizza Game

Photo: Daniel Maurer

Somehow we missed this news when it hit Slice (strangely, the rest of the blogosphere also failed to take notice), but last night we saw that Gray’s Papaya has installed a couple of ovens and is now selling dollar slices in a bid to compete with 99¢ Fresh Pizza a block away. A counterperson told us they started doling out slices a couple of weeks ago — two plus a soda will cost you $2.75. Nuts, right? We had always admired the monastic austerity of Gray’s in the face of nearby impostor Papaya Dog with its carnival of corn dogs, jalapeño poppers, and chili-cheese fries — not to mention the cheap pizza smell is corrupting the wiener waft that until now had been the unofficial scent of New York City. On the plus side, anyone who’s mourning the loss of Reingella’s hot-dog pizza can now cobble together an alternative.