Forget Vegetables, Bring on the Wild Boar!

Dinner! Photo: Sandi Staton/

Now that Über-trendy vegetables are subject to surcharges and bandits, what the heck are we supposed to eat instead? Not to worry! It seems feral pigs have become such a problem for the Finger Lakes region that the Department of Environmental Conservation is permitting them to be shot on sight. The hogs have been migrating northward from their homes in the south, and like a band of invading hillbillies they’re destroying golf courses, gobbling up crops, and making babies like crazy. These pigs must be stopped! Luckily, Grub Street has a simple one-word solution: Charcuterie! (Wild-boar ravioli would be acceptable, too.) If you’ll excuse us, we’re off to oil our shotguns and gas up the pickup. Hunting trip, anyone? [WVBR]