Felony Franks Still Has No Sign, May Sue

Photo: courtesy of Felony Franks

Though it has been open for nearly two years, courted loads of controversy, and managed to do pretty good business along the way, Felony Franks still has no sign along Western Ave. Why? Well, Alderman Bob Fioretti is “strongly opposed to it,” telling WBEZ that it is “a great concept, but it’s a bad theme.” As you may remember, this is the hot dog stand that staffs ex-offenders, and has the slogan, “Home of the Misdemeanor Weiner.” However you feel about the issue, the city may end up losing the case. Committee chair Anthony Beale is worried that if the issue goes to court then “Chicago would lose.” Owner Jim Andrews may end up doing that, as he feels that his “rights are being violated.” [WBEZ]