Fairfax Gets a Fat Dog, Open Tomorrow

Photo: Elizabeth Daniels via Eater

Montrose’s The Fat Dog has finally waddled its way onto Fairfax, opening tomorrow and sharing space with Lindy, Grundy, and Coffee Comissary at the 801 Fairfax apartments. This gastropub will offer a similar menu to the original, with all of those indulgent hot dogs, burgers, and far-flung sides, while canine-inspired cocktails will be written on an overhead chalk board, not too far form where you can hang a photo of your own dog. Your pride in Rover should help you start a conversation at the communal tables, just please keep him away from the saffron salmon.

Fat Dog Gastropub, 801 N. Fairfax Ave.
The Fat Dog Gastropub Opens Wednesday, Take A Gander [Eater]