Eric Greenspan Popping Up at Tart With A Breakfast Concept

Chef Eric Greenspan
Chef Eric Greenspan Photo: The Foundry

For the ultimate proof that pop-ups are all the rage today, even chefs who own their own restaurants are suddenly popping up in other people’s kitchens. This morning we learn that Eric Greenspan will have his own three-day pop-up at Tart over one weekend in mid-May.

Greenspan is using this temporary set-up to introduce a breakfast concept, though there is currently no word on whether this is designed to replace the long-delayed grilled cheese concept coming next door to the chef’s The Foundry on Melrose. So far, we know that the chef plans multiple versions of breakfast lasagna, along with stuffed hash browns, over this Friday to Sunday event. Will there be an appearance from Greenspan’s trusty old pal Tallegio? Probably. Stay tuned for menu and reservation details as they come in for the May 13-15th pop-up.