Does Ruth Reichl Think We’re Ruth Bourdain? Maybe. Probably Not.


So what kind of judge will Ruth Reichl be when the third season of Top Chef Masters kicks off tonight? By the looks of a Times preview, she’ll be injecting a little bit of Bourdain into her Ruthie. Sample comments: “Loathsome!” and “Something about this shouts, ‘Hotel food.’” As for the real RuthBourdain, Reichl tells Bravo she has a theory about who the mysterious tweeter might be: “There is actually a little suspicion in the back of my mind that it may be one of the people who was a judge this year.” Could it be Grub Street’s own Alan Sytsma? We can now announce that he’ll be a guest judge this season (he’ll be recusing himself from writing or editing posts about the show, save for offering some behind-the-scenes insight when the show airs), but — for the record — he says he isn’t RuBo. Maybe Saveur editor James Oseland? Eh. We may have to wait till the Twitter page inevitably snags a Beard Award in May. In the meantime, Michael Alan Connelly’s great Top Chef Masters recaps start again tomorrow.

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