Delaware Man Gets Jail Time For Exposing His ‘McNuggets’ at Mickey D’s; Trendiness Makes Ramps Even More Elusive

• Hold the pickles: A Delaware man is in jail today for allegedly exposing his “McNuggets” before, during, and after a trip to McDonald’s. [NBC Philadelphia]

• We know the question has been nagging you: Is it safe to eat roadkill? This way for the pros and cons. [Slashfood]

• Would you pay $410 for a corkscrew? How about a basic model for $220? Neither would we. [NYT]

• This was bound to happen: The trendiness of ramps is making them harder for longtime foragers to find, and may even be affecting ramp populations. [NYT]

• File under obvious? Abstaining from the foods you crave seems to eventually cause those cravings to go away. [LAT]

• Kenya and Uganda are the latest countries to see rioting on account of high food prices. [Commodity Online]