David Chang Is Not Going to F%*&ing Pat You on the Back 

Photo: Patrick McMullan

A summary of the new Details interview with David Chang, which includes a little primer on how not to piss him off: Don’t tell him you’re a blogger; don’t tell him you know what medium-rare is; don’t be “fucking drunk” in his restaurant; don’t fake an allergy (!!); and don’t have special requests. He may be expanding to Sydney and Toronto, but dude does not have money in the bank. Best quote: “Everyone’s opening up these fucking farm-to-table bullshit restaurants. How else are you supposed to cook? You’re supposed to get the best ingredients possible. Do you want a pat on the back?” (Prudish readers beware: This is a 24-F*@# interview, which, come to think of it, is probably on the low side for Chang.) [Details]