Coca-Cola Catches The Zarate Wave

"There are reasons to believe in a better world"
"There are reasons to believe in a better world" Photo: S. Bombet/Facebook

Mo-Chica owner Ricardo Zarate is having a smash 2011 so far. The Peruvian chef snagged Food & Wine’s People’s Best New Pacific Chef award, he’s opening his follow-up restaurant, Picca, very soon, and after preparing food for Jonathan Gold’s bash, celebrated Mo-Chica’s enduring popularity with a big tasting dinner last night. Now this! The chef has been named the face of Coca-Cola in Peru. Partner Stephane Bombet has a proof of the Zarate billboard on his Facebook, 24 of which he says are now towering above the good people of Lima. Not only does the campaign celebrate one of L.A.’s favorite toques, but the campaign is going to help fight hunger in Peru. Finally, we feel that long-promised smile arriving with our Coke.