Charlie Sheen Didn’t Partake of Daniel’s ‘Possessed’ Wine List This Time Around


Months after the bathroom incident, Charlie Sheen is still a fan of Daniel, per some bootleg footage from his Friday-night show at Radio City Music Hall. Sheen told the crowd, It all started at the best fucking restaurant in town, Daniel (that place rocks their wine is possessed), where this gorgeous yet overpaid hosebag drank twenty grand worth of '66 Latour. Not that he was heading to Daniel after the show: He was due at Jerseys finest nightclub, Dragonfly, where reports he was to meet up with who else? Ronnie from Jersey Shore. And according to the Troy Report, he spent Sunday night partying down at Veranda. A far cry from a private room at Daniel. We just want to know whether Sheen got his description of a 66 Latour straight from Daniels sommelier: Its a vintage Bordeaux, not some Napa Valley urine.