Big Y Contemplates Framingham Liquor Emporium; Lunchroom Chocolate Milk Under Attack


• The site of an old Filene’s Basement might turn into a booze emporium if Big Y has their way. The grocery megachain wants to launch a 42,000-square-foot liquor store in Framingham, to the chagrin of smaller, local spirits shops. [BBJ]

• Chocolate milk is the latest controversial school-lunchroom item. C’mon, is nothing sacred? [WP]

• Speaking of cafeteria food, a Chicago school has made it mandatory, banning brown-bag lunches entirely. Now brewing among the student body: the mystery-meat mutiny. [My Fox Chicago]

• Now this is low: A couple allegedly stole $150 from a little girl’s lemonade stand in Georgia. [13 WMAZ]

• Office candy jars are not so sweet for people trying to lose weight or keep it off. [WSJ]