Better Than Boca? Here’s Another Veggie-Burger Roundup

Would be better with some bacon.
Would be better with some bacon. Photo: Jason Lugo/iStockphoto

Today, Fork in the Road rounds up its picks for the city’s top ten veggie burgers. The top spot goes to the rapidly expanding Five Napkin chain, whose assembled beet-burger “works in perfect harmony.” (Interestingly, when the Times rounded up veggie burgers last month, they found Five Napkin’s patty to be “suffocated in an unwieldy multigrain roll … Cloyingly sweet bread-and-butter pickles don’t help.” So at least there’s some beef going on in the veggie-burger conversation.) Grub Street’s own stance on the matter is that veggie burgers are an affront to both vegetables and burgers, two great things that are always made markedly worse when transmogrified into a single entity. But maybe that’s just us? [Fork in the Road/VV]