¡Ay Caramba! Taco Bell Mulls Lawsuit of Its Own, Refuses to Let This Story End


Looks like snippy full-page ads might not be enough satisfaction for Taco Bell. In light of that whole is-it-beef-or-not lawsuit, Fox News reports that Taco Bell is mulling the possibility of suing Beasley Allen, the Alabama-based law firm that filed the original suit. (Guess the firm didn’t say it was sorry?) And even though The Wall Street Journal’s law blog agrees with our earlier point that this lawsuit might actually have been a good thing for Taco Bell, the fast-food megachain doesn’t see it like that. “At our earnings call, David Novak, our chairman, was quite clear that we started the year off really strong and we finished the quarter flat because of the consequence of the beef lawsuit,” Taco Bell CEO Greg Creed is quoted as saying. Then again, that could just be because everyone’s spending their money on coffee and breakfast sandwiches these days. [Fox News via NYP]