African Nations Struggle With Food Prices; Chipotle Probed By ICE

• Africa is being hit particularly hard by rising food costs; in many parts of the continent, even a six-cent cost increase can devastate food budgets. [Chron]

• All the more reason to eat organic: A study shows prenatal pesticide exposure lowers kids’ I.Q.’s. [Well/NYT]

• Uh-oh: Chipotle’s already had a bunch of inquiries and investigations into its hiring practices, but now federal investigators have launched a probe to investigate any possible criminality. [NRN]

• Wanna know where L.A.’s celebrity-owned restaurants are so you can harass Turtle while he eats his subs? Take a look. [LAT]

• Now they tell us: McDonald’s saw an 11 percent profit increase in the first quarter but says it’ll likely have to raise prices owing to ingredient-cost rises. [Bloomberg]

• Be a good neighbor and don’t pour cooking grease down the drain — it can stop up the system, creating stalactite-like deposits in the sewer. [MSNBC]