A Nose-to-Tail Easter

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Yep, that's the head. Photo: Michael Allin/New York Magazine

Were not sure exactly how many Manhattan apartments are equipped to roast one, but Dicksons Farmstand Meats is offering half-lambs for Easter, so why not? The lambs are of the seldom-seen suckling variety and come from a good upstate home where theyre exclusively milk-fed. Each half weighs in at about nine to thirteen pounds and goes for $12 a pound. If youre concerned about the looks you might get from small children while traipsing along Ninth Avenue with a tiny carcass slung over your shoulder, the staff will butcher it for you, charging extra depending on what you want. Theyll even throw in the head, heart, liver, and testicles for an extra $10 (order at dicksonsfarmstand.com; pick up on April 22 or 23).