Yup, Charlie Sheen’s Tiger Blood Is Now Being Served

Photo: Twitpic

A day after annoyingly using Egyptian unrest to pimp its watermelon gummy-bear flavor, midtowns new Moroccan hookah bar, Fifty Five, tells us its serving a new cocktail: "Tiger's Blood with a Dash of Adonis DNA." Obviously something had to replace all those freaking Melo-themed eats and drinks, and, really, its amazing it took this long for publicists and mixologists to latch on to Charlie Sheens coattails (or his F-18 contrail or whatever). But what exactly does a Bloody Mary with Moroccan spices have to do with the man? Bowery Beef tells us its daytime drinks list will include a Bosco cocktail given the dudes taste for chocolate milk, that seems like a better tribute (or is Tang the way to go?). Then again, Sheen did throw L.A.s Infield some Twitter love for its "Charlie Dog with Tiger Blood." If youve got (or seen) any better (or worse) ideas, leave 'em in the comments.