Yelp Decides to Make ‘Hipster’ an Ambience Category


We’re pretty sure this is still S.F. specific, but Mission Mission has discovered that “Hipster” is now an optional tag under Ambience on Yelp listings, and vegan Mexican mecca Gracias Madre has been labeled as such. On the plus side, this tag would alert the rest of us to instances when there will be Christmas lights on the walls instead of sconces, and Michael Bauer will know this translates to one star for atmosphere. As Mission Mission suggest, however, the hipster backlash getting as violent as it is, especially in New York, this could actually just be another Yelp’s famous, yet brilliantly subtle, avenues to extortion. “[We] bet local businesses will pay through the nose to have the ‘Hipster’ tag removed.” No doubt.

New ‘ambience’ category on Yelp: ‘Hipster’ [Mission Mission via SFist]