Which Manhattan Neighborhood Has the Most Happy Hours?


Here’s a fun little infographic that Village Voice Media has kindly sent over to promote its Happy Hours app, as well as the Best Of app it released last week. Using co-developer GoTime.com’s database of 972 happy hours in Manhattan, the Voice came up with a “happy hour density” (i.e., happy hours per square blocks) in various Manhattan neighborhoods south of Harlem. Even though Obama was carousing uptown last night (though granted, no two-for-one specials involved), Harlem and Washington Heights weren’t included, says a rep, because “the happy hour density really started to thin out.” Not surprisingly, the East Village has the most happy hours, so expect to see this graphic presented as “Exhibit A” in a heated Community Board 3 meeting soon! Anyway, here’s the map of New York City’s happiest neighborhoods, along with top five lists based on app users’ ratings.