What’s This Squeezable Bacon Charlie Sheen Is Talking About Now?


Charlie Sheens talk-show-host debut, Charlies Korner, was good and forgettable, but one thing stuck in our mind: Blumps Squeezable Bacon. Sheen mentioned the shows supposed sponsor in passing along with Tiger Blood, but is it real? The short answer: No. Blumps Chemical Corporation is a fictional company that appears on labels and advertisements throughout writer-director Adam Rifkins obscure 1991 flick The Dark Backward, and in his later movies as well. Check out this highlight reel of Blumps ads and youll see a billboard for Squeezable Bacon as it appeared in the Rifkin movie that Sheen starred in, The Chase. Blumps is also the manufacturer of Lemon Fresh Suppositories, Pork Cube Dinners, Powdered Eggs, Weaselroni, Yam Sicles, and Pig Newtons. By the way, Blumps isnt the only fake squeeze bacon out there. Now whos going to make it for real? Weve got squeezable hummus, after all!

Blump's Montage [YouTube]