Beef Up Your Pet’s Diet With Vegan Treats

Puppy wuvs a carrot.
Puppy wuvs a carrot. Photo: iStockphoto

Has Fido seemed a bit listless lately? Perhaps all he needs is the incredible vitality that comes from a sorta-raw, sorta-vegan diet! New York–based raw-tailer One Lucky Duck (home of the $24 milkshake) has just unveiled a new pets-only section, so now, when you order your usual buckwheat groats and nut-milk bags, you can drop some goodies for Muffy and Fluffy in the cart too! Yeah, yeah, we know — veganism isn’t the greatest idea for pets — but you can find salmon treats for cats and vegan snacks for pooches (Bocce Bakery’s are also wheat-free, in case Rover is into that), plus “Green Mush,” which is chock full of grasses and vitamins for either species. What, no pet salad? [One Lucky Duck]