Todd Patrick and Phil Hartman’s New Venue Will Serve ‘Pacific-Coast-Style Mexican Food’

Photo: Courtesy of Todd Patrick

Todd Patrick, a.k.a. Todd P, tells us more about the venue hes planning to bring to the Mo Pitkins space along with the man who opened and closed Mo Pitkins, Phil Hartman of Two Boots; architect Mike House; and Javan Damadian, the lease holder of the space back when it was Aces & Eights, who were told didnt have a management role in the bar. Patrick says the team is currently forming a curatorial board for the second-floor performance venue and is speaking to two restaurateurs about a menu of Pacific-coast-style Mexican food (think lemon and lime cured fish, tostadas, and tacos in the style of Jalisco or Sinaloa). As for the performances, Patrick says the venue will not be an indie-rock club, dance club, or punk-rock club well be something more in the lines of Tonic, meaning avant-experimental music in the vein of the original Knitting Factory over on Houston Street.

The hope is to bring a home back to Manhattan for esoteric free jazz performance, Patrick tells us. We want to be about what the East Village came out of this downtown experimentalism and this reverence of the artistic. He mentions the Stone, John Zorns nearby nonprofit venue that operates without a liquor license, and says the music here will be maybe going somewhat closer to indie rock, or to whats called the WFMU record collector community (think Thurston Moores instrumental stuff). This isnt the club hes long talked about doing: I can do indie-rock shows all over the place I dont need to do that here. Instead, he says, he and his partners are hoping to right the wrongs of the previous tenant (were not happy with what happened with the property after Phil left a lot of us dont care for what Aces & Eights was) and bring back some of the downtown music scene that took a hit when Tonic closed four years ago: Downtown really lost something that had been essentially there since the sixties if not before the edgy, gritty, downtown-oriented intellectual experimental community. It needed to return to the city.

Elsewhere in Phil Hartmans world, Two Boots is gearing up for its second annual Mardi Gras Ball at Le Poisson Rouge.