The Times Has Officially Discovered Cheerwine


Is it just a coincidence that a week after Sam Sifton tweets about Cheerwine, Diner's Journal runs a post about the Southern soda's boom in popularity? The post expresses confusion over what could be the cause of the soda's recent sales surge. Uh, guys, maybe it's because you the New York Times ran a huge photo last year of somebody coddling a bottle of the stuff as if it were a new puppy. Just a thought. We're happy for Cheerwine, though! It's got that hip Americana appeal, and it tastes like you dropped a spoonful of cough syrup into a glass of Dr. Pepper, in a good way. But we have to be honest: When it comes to hyperregional Southern soda pop, it's Blenheim's or nothing for us. [Diner's Journal/NYT]