The Times Has Officially Discovered Cheerwine


Is it just a coincidence that a week after Sam Sifton tweets about Cheerwine, Diner's Journal runs a post about the Southern soda's boom in popularity? The post expresses confusion over what could be the cause of the soda's recent sales surge. Uh, guys, maybe it's because you — the New York Times — ran a huge photo last year of somebody coddling a bottle of the stuff as if it were a new puppy. Just a thought. We're happy for Cheerwine, though! It's got that hip Americana appeal, and it tastes like you dropped a spoonful of cough syrup into a glass of Dr. Pepper, in a good way. But we have to be honest: When it comes to hyperregional Southern soda pop, it's Blenheim's or nothing for us. [Diner's Journal/NYT]