The South Rises Again

Bacon-jalapeño cornbread, roasted chicken, Dr. Pepper ribs.

It’s been more than a year since Williamsburgers have had a taste of Texas toast, Dr. Pepper riblets, and meatloaf-and-mashed-potato sandwiches. On Wednesday, that culinary dark spell will come to an end. That’s when Joaquin Baca unveils the second incarnation of his southwestern-inspired restaurant, Brooklyn Star, relocated to a larger space after a fire wiped out the original. New features include roomy booths, a full bar and cocktail menu, and a 44-ounce dry-aged porterhouse, suitable for one Texan or several skinny-jeaned Brooklynites.

Brooklyn Star, 593 Lorimer St., nr. Conselyea St., Williamsburg; 718-599-9899

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