The James Weird Awards: Pizza Gets Millionaire Arrested; Lasagna Gets Fugitive Arrested


We don’t know who stole Guy Fieri’s Lamborghini, or who exactly is buying cannabis-spiked gourmet-food products. (We swear, we don’t!) But we do know that there’s been a lot of unusual things going on in the world of food lately, hence the James Weird Awards.

• Millionaires get hungry, too. When a Michigan dentist with a net worth “between $3 million and $4 million” found a college student’s lost credit card on the ground, he used it to order $40 worth of pizza. When arresting him, the police found $250 in cash in his wallet. [NBC Miami]

• How do you find an Italian fugitive? Follow the lasagna. Police in Italy nabbed a cocaine trafficker who’d been in hiding since 2000 by tailing his daughter as she brought lasagna to his secret quarters. [AP]

• A woman with a sleep-related eating disorder has been eating frozen veggie burgers, baked potatoes, and cat food in her sleep. [CNN]

• Obese people in St. Louis are being asked to eat fatty fast foods in the name of science. The government-funded study is asking the already-overweight volunteers to “add 1,000 excess calories a day to their normal diet” in order to better assess the medical implications of obesity. [Seattle Times]

• A Kentucky couple passed out at an area Wendy’s, allowing their toddler to roam free and talk to strangers. Police, who “had to shake both suspects several times to awaken them,” found a variety of illicit substances in the woman’s purse. [WLKY]

• A man in San Diego tried to rob a Jack in the Box by “simulating a weapon” with his pocketed hand but left when the cashier couldn’t find the register key. He was arrested the next day when he returned to the establishment to ask for a water cup. [AOL News]

The James Weird Awards: Pizza Gets Millionaire Arrested; Lasagna Gets Fugitive