Stunt Burgers: Not Just a Burger King Thing!

Clockwise: Crisp, Rockography, M Wells and BK Photo: Clockwise: ML, Metromix, AHT, Slate

Incredibly, Slate spills almost 1,000 words reviewing BKs new Stuffed Steakhouse Burger if word that its a worthwhile contender for best fast-food stuffed item doesnt quite sell you on it, rest assured there are plenty of new stunt burgers on the local scene as well.

A couple of days ago, A Hamburger Today tried the $42, 2.4-pound burger at M. Wells (it can be topped with foie gras for an extra $100) and decided its tastiness is overshadowed by its unwieldiness. Now Metromix has a look at Rockographys F.U. Burger and its sixteen-ounce patty, fried tomatoes, onion rings, Velveeta, maple-glazed bacon, and fried egg. And Midtown Lunch experiences one messy sandwich Crisps new Baba-Burger (Babaganoush and goat cheese on a falafel burger). Oh, and perhaps the most famous glamburger of them all, the Minetta Tavern Black Label burger, is named New Yorks best in a Food & Wines list of their favorite 25 across the nation.

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