Stumptown Coffee Roasters Planning Chicago Outlet; Overflow Coffee Bar Opens in South Loop

Get ready for more coffee.
Get ready for more coffee. Photo: courtesy of Stumptown Coffee Roasting

Care about coffee in Chicago? Well, while we already have a pretty good coffee scene, two news items today prove that it’s only going to get bigger from here. The big news is that Time Out Chicago is reporting that Stumptown Coffee Roasters is planning on expanding to Chicago. The company is from Portland, Oregon, but when it decides to come to a new market, like it has for New York and Seattle, it doesn’t just simply ship its roasted beans to a new address. No, it builds a roastery, which means we’ll be able to get freshly roasted Stumptown coffee within the year. This is exciting. The location for the coffee bar is not yet official, but founder, Duane Sorenson, is looking at “very attractive neighborhoods.” But there’s more!

Overflow Coffee Bar just opened in the South Loop. Instead of focusing on the roasting of its coffee beans, it has a mission statement with “four priorities.” Those include “a mission of providing high-quality organic and fair/direct trade products, community building, inspiring volunteerism, and promoting local artists.” That’s quite a lot to accomplish as a coffee shop, but the name is Overflow Coffee Bar for a reason. We wish them well.

Overflow Coffee Bar, 1550 S. State St., Chicago, IL 60605

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