Still No Life at Death & Co., But Plans for a FiDi Expansion

Death & Co.: Coming soon to Stone Street.
Death & Co.: Coming soon to Stone Street. Photo: Ben Ritter

When we checked with Death & Co. on Friday about the bar’s temporary closure, word was the drinkery hoped to reopen over the weekend, or by today at the latest. Now we hear from a source close to the inside that Death & Co. remained shuttered yesterday and Saturday and that it’s unlikely to resume business tonight, though hopefully it will return sometime this week. However, there’s a bright spot amid the dreary liquor-license issues in the East Village.

DNA Info reports that the drinks den is planning an as-yet-unnamed boîte for “a quiet block of Stone Street” (the official address is actually 90 Broad Street) in the financial district, possibly as early as this summer. Compared to a few dozen seats at the original location, this one will accommodate 120 people. There will be $14 cocktails, of course, plus shareable plates like sweet-potato gnocchi. What with Weather Up Tribeca’s recent opening, it’s nice to see some serious booze beginning to flow below Canal Street.

Death & Co.’s Fancy Cocktails Coming Soon to the Financial District
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