Roaches and Flying Insects Found in Pilsen Restaurant; Chains Get In Food Truck Game

• El Taconazo in Pilsen was closed by Mayor Daley’s Dumpster Task Force after evidence of roaches and flying insects were found inside. [Chicago Breaking News]

• Have food trucks gotten too trendy for their own good? With uncool restaurants like Jack in the Box, joining the wheels brigade, perhaps so. [NRN]

• The European Parliament is “deadlocked” in decisions about how to regulate the use of cloned animals for food. Proponents are looking into cloning themselves to generate more votes. [Reuters]

• Here’s an article that sheds some additional light on the causes behind rising food prices, including speculation and growing affluence; also, your restaurant bill isn’t immune to these costs. [USAT, WalletPop/AOL]

• And some will undoubtedly get rich from the food crisis: “Those looking for the next big bankable idea should park their money in companies that deal with resources in tight supply and growing demand such as food and water, according to participants in the Reuters Global Food and Agriculture Summit … ” [Reuters]

• Following all the beefin’ over its beef a few months back, surveys show Taco Bell has rebounded in the public opinion. How quickly we forget! [NRN]