Reason.TV Tries to Down-Size South L.A.’s Fast-Food Moratorium

Photo: Reason.TV via You Tube

LAist draws our attention to a video by conservative site Reason TV today that takes on Bernard Parks and Jan Perry’s fast-food moratorium in South L.A. While Parks argues that fast food companies have taken advantage of our 8th and 9th districts to the point that 75% of the restaurants there are fast-food businesses, Reason gets some jacked old dude who lives in Huntington Beach to tell us why us why it could be limiting his freedoms…uh, down in Huntington Beach. Want to take a look?

Actually, the guy produced a counter-documentary to Supersize Me, in which he showed that eating McDonald’s, combined with exercise, doesn’t necessarily limit your ability to be big and veiny. Clearly, an Orange County, tea-party-looking white guy with time to exercise in the middle of the day can’t have the final word here, so Reason heads to a burger stand in Leimert Park to get divergent points of view, like the one which states that “there cannot be enough fast food places.” Anyway, same old back-and-forth on the issue here, with Parks defending the legislation and a few right-leaning “experts” struggling to protect the liberty of burger eaters everywhere…or something like that. Check out the video and let us know if it’s at all changed your mind on the matter.

Wanna Bite? Barks at South L.A. Burger Ban [LAist]