Pour Out a Bottle of Armand de Brignac: The Eldridge Is Closing

Photo: Melissa Hom

It wasn’t quite three years ago that we published one of the most commented Grub Street posts of all-time — Matt Levine Won’t Let You Into the Eldridge Unless You’re His Friend. Readers responded to Levine’s boasts (“we have $650,000 worth of Champagne on the wall” and “we have 400 laser-engraved entry cards that say Guest of Matt Levine”) with predictions like, “this will go under in about 18 months”; “it will be a forgettable footnote in about 18 months”; “10 months [and] he’s about to go out of business”; and “6 months at the most then move on” (and that was the nice comment about six months). Well, to his credit, Levine made it more like 30 months, but the Post reports that he’s now selling the Eldridge’s lease and liquor license (but keeping the name and the faux-bookstore front) for $500,000. He says he plans to open another restaurant on the Lower East Side soon, though tells us there’s “not much news” on that yet. Your final chance to bid adieu to the Eldridge will be next week.

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