Owner Says Acme Will Return ‘After a Few Months’

Photo: Youngna Park

Acme owner Bob Pollock has chimed into the comments section of our post about the place’s closing and writes, “We are not closing for good we need to renovate this place after 25 years, the place was built on a shoestring 25 years ago and needs a major over hall as the Board of Health would want me to do and the fans of Acme please be patient we’ll be back after a few months.” In another comment, Pollock says he needs to “re-do the kitchen, Air Conditioning system and exhaust besides the re-do for dinning in the basement.” We called the restaurant and general manager Tony Miele told us more of the same: “We had Board of Health issues which have become situations where to be Board of Health compliant we have to make some renovations.” The restaurant received a “C” on a January 6 inspection — its only structural violation seemed fairly minor (“hand washing facility not provided in or near food preparation area and toilet room”) and the score was bumped up to a 16 (which is in the “B” range) during a follow-up inspection. Miele says the place will reopen with the same menu and concept “as far as I know.”