‘Overrated’ Torrisi Makes Joe Dobias Want to Move to San Fran


After he quit Twitter, Joe Dobias seemingly took a break from ripping on fellow chefs; with awards season on, the knives are out. After Nation’s Restaurant News writer Bret Thorn noted on his Facebook page that Torrisi (his pick for Best New Restaurant at the James Beard Awards) was coming up last in a poll asking readers who they thought would win, Joe Doe chimed in via a Facebook comment: “Torrisi couldn’t be more over rated if nyc critics tried. Those boys worked for mario B, they are untouchable… Outside of NY people hate the place bc its unreal and all too fast rise to the top. There has to be backlash when a sandwich shop with prefixe dinner gets a JBF nom…..made me want to move to san fran, just saying.” Before he packs his bags, Joe Doe might just want to talk to this guy.