Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co. Opening March 18th

Photo: The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co.

Beverly Hills, you’re almost live with Larry King! Yes, it’s finally time for the avuncular star to step back into the spotlight, not as a talk-show host or celebrity marriage sideshow, but as a partner in The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co. Remember that one? This Florida-based chain didn’t hesitate to diss our bagels then declare they would set things straight on the West Coast by using real Brooklyn water when their South Beverly location opened. The official word is in, O.G. Brooklyn Water Bagel Co. is opening March 18th. The nine page menu shows a big variety of breakfast dishes, including plenty of “scooper melts” where the dough is carved out and refilled with cheese and meat and eggs and stuff before being baked. See the menu here and look for Larry, who is contractually obligated promised to be a regular presence.

The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co., 262 South Beverly Dr. Beverly Hills.