Opening Day at Dodger Stadium: Enter The Doyer Dog

Photo: Los Angeles Dodgers

It’s opening day for The Blue Blue Wrecking Crew, as our beloved L.A. Dodgers face-off against the hated, horrible, big jerk nerds The San Francisco Giants. Not only is it a new season for our boys, but Dodger Stadium has a new signature hot dog being rolled out today: The Doyer Dog! Los Angeles magazine tells us it’s a grilled beef hot dog topped with chili, nacho cheese, tomatoes, onions, and jalapenos and is a “clever nod to the franchise’s well-established Latino fan base.” Clever? Well, that may go a little far for a snack that basically just turns your hot dog into nachos and we have a feeling it will prove more popular with drunk USC frat crews than the Latin community, but nonetheless, we’ll have to give this a try just to indulge in that great old North American past-time of stuffing one’s face at the ballgame with things you know your mother would hate you for. And hey, who wouldn’t want jalapenos on a Dodger Dog next to a cold beer?

Here Come the Doyer Dogs! [Los Angeles]