NYC Will Get Another Grilled-Cheese Truck, Gorilla Cheese

Photo: Courtesy of Gorilla Cheese NYC

The Brooklyn Fleas Milk Truck is planning to launch an actual grilled-cheese truck sometime this summer, but it may well get beaten to the punch. Weve just discovered Gorilla Cheese NYC, a cheese-on-wheels venture thats now hiring on Craigslist and gearing up to hit the streets, per Twitter.

The owners of the truck are presently a mystery (weve put in a call), but the menu indicates that youll be able to choose between local breads (white, wheat, rye, multigrain, and challah) and then decide between brie, American, Gruyre, macaronie and cheese, or go really crazy with grilled shrimp, bacon, and Gruyre with chile-lime butter plus, theres the option of additions (Proscuitto, pulled pork, bacon, carmelized onions, etc.) and dipping sauces (maple syrup, sweet and sour Thai chili, crazy hot lime habanero, etc.). Oh, and the sides include tater tots, naturally. You can see one of the sandwiches on a Facebook page that seems to have been created yesterday, and theres a photo of the truck on its official site. Its plan is to infiltrate Times Square, Wall Street, Lincoln Center, Union Square, Bryant Park, and Fulton Street. Well let you know whos behind it when we hear more.