SFPD Apparently Has Better Things to Worry About Than Guy Fieri’s Stolen Lambo

Thought bubble: "I want answers!"
Thought bubble: "I want answers!" Photo: John Parra/WireImage

We’ve got a mini-update regarding the troubling case of Guy Fieri’s stolen yellow Lamborghini. We spoke to a spokesperson at the San Francisco Police Department who told us no further sightings or tips have come in since a traffic cam caught an image of the car near Tiburon last Wednesday. Furthermore, we were informed that the SFPD has had their hands full with late-breaking items like “murders and tsunamis” and such, so perhaps this case isn’t the highest priority. But some clues have been uncovered that indicate maybe we all should’ve seen this coming.

The SF Appeal brings word that this might not even be the first yellow Lambo stolen from British Motor Exotics! In 2005, one John Marx “had his green Jaguar driven right off the lot by a particularly brazen thief in 2005,” and Marx says a mechanic admitted to him at the time that a yellow Lamborghini had been stolen the same way just a few weeks before.

And yet no connection between the cases has been established, and the SFPD says they have not been looking into this earlier case. But perhaps there are some clever car thieves out there who know that a caper like this isn’t so hard to pull off at the joint, which clearly has pretty minimal security.

Adding insult to injury, the dealership still hasn’t announced how it plans to “rectify” the situation for Fieri.

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