Mobile Maneuvers: Daisy May’s Kiboshes Cart, Van Leeuwen Plans Another Shop


Midtown Lunch hears that Daisy May’s BBQ is no longer putting out its lunch cart (New York’s best street food winner in 2004), and a call to the restaurant confirms it. When we asked whether it might come back, an employee told us she wasn’t sure (we’re still waiting for word from higher ups). Rest assured there’s happier news in the world of mobile-stationary crossovers.

Last week, Feast reported that Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream — which opened a store at 81 Bergen Street a month ago — is planning a third café (its first in Manhattan) at Second Avenue near 7th Street. Today, EV Grieve surmises that the shop will be at 48 1/2 E 7th St.

Van Leeuwen Expands to the East Village Next Month [Feast via EV Grieve]
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