Mission Street Food Cookbook Goes Up for Pre-Sale

Photo: McSweeney's

This summer, McSweeney’s new cookbook imprint will be publishing Mission Street Food: Recipes and Ideas from an Improbable Restaurant, penned by Anthony Myint and his wife and partner Karen Leibowitz. It will be, we believe, the first memoir of a pop-up. The book’s now available for pre-sale, as SFoodie alerts us, and from the descriptive copy on the McSweeney’s store we learn more: “Like Mission Street Food itself, this book is more than one thing: it’s a cookbook featuring step-by-step photography and sly commentary, but it’s also the memoir of a madcap project that redefined the authors’ marriage and a city’s food scene.” Plus, they promise a comic strip, and $10 of the $30 pre-sale price is being donated to Slow Food USA. Order your copy now.

McSweeney’s Taking Preorders for Mission Street Food Cookbook [SFoodie]
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