Maharlika Also Coming to DeKalb Market

Maharlika's Filipino cooking is coming to Downtown Brooklyn, er, Rambo.
Maharlika's Filipino cooking is coming to Downtown Brooklyn, er, Rambo. Photo: Courtesy Maharlika

Yesterday came the exciting news that Robicelli’s and other food vendors would set up this summer in the shipping-container-housed DeKalb Market in Downtown Brooklyn. Now we’ve gotten wind of some of the other food-and-beverage vendors who’ll be on site, including Nile Valley Juice and vegan food, Mazie’s healthy soul food, Joe the Art of Coffee, and … (Grub Street is excited about this one) Filipino brunch pop-up Maharlika! We just got off the phone with Maharlika’s Nicole Ponseca, who gave us a few details about the upcoming café and “Asian bodega” she’ll open there.

Unlike the Maharlika pop-up, which only serves on weekends — and good news there, the brunch eatery is slated to keep operating indefinitely, rather than close at the end of the month — the DeKalb location will serve breakfast, lunch, and early dinner daily, including casual to-go offerings like coffee and Filipino pastries. The design is still being finalized, but there will likely be some counter seating. And, says Ponseca, because “from what I understand, you can’t even get any fresh produce in that area,” she plans to have a retail space in front offering fruit and veggies plus some Asian condiments. All of this will be a huge boon to nearby Rambo, which, as you’ll recall, recently lost its only restaurant. And in other lucky-neighborhood news: New York Street Food reports that the Gourmet Food Truck Bazaar at the Hell’s Kitchen flea market will not only return March 20, but will operate monthly after that. So now you really won’t have to schlep to Jersey to get your Krave Korean tacos!