It’s Time to Stop Naming Your Restaurants and Shops After Brooklyn


Last week a new wine store in Bed-Stuy opened, which yeah, is great news for area oenophiles, but its name has had us stewing: Breukelen Cellars. Wait. Really? Really? We thought surely the opening of the Brooklyneer, in Manhattan, not to mention the Times’ naming Brooklyn as a brand meant this trend was on its last legs. Come on, people! It’s not cute anymore to name your establishment “Brooklyn,” “Breukelen,” “BKLYN,” or any other iteration — it’s just lazy!

Let us count reasons: There’s Breuckelen, BKLYN Larder, Brooklyn Fare, Whiskey Brooklyn, Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, Stinky BKLYN, Brooklyn Fish Camp, and others, and that’s not even mentioning the small purveyors like Kombucha Brooklyn (a.k.a. KBBK), Brooklyn Brine, and the dueling gins Breuckelen and Brooklyn — plus no doubt there are other spellings out there too esoteric for even our search engines. Won’t anyone put a stop to this? Are you listening, Marty Markowitz? Then again, the guy did just announce a business-incubator project that will surely spawn countless more borough-named companies, so we don’t think he’s going to be any help.