Landlord Takes Back Carmine Club Café After Just Four Months

Photo: Daniel Maurer

A notice on the door of Carmine Club Café, which opened in the West Village just four months ago with Noel Cruz (formerly of Elettaria) on board, indicates that a city marshal returned the property to its landlord last Monday. According to the standard verbiage, “the landlord has legal possession of these premises pursuant to a Warrant of the Civil Court.” Another notice indicates the restaurant’s health-inspection grade is pending as of March 2 (it was hit with 59 violation points owing to food-temperature issues, evidence of mice, and sanitation issues), but it’s doubtful one has to do with the other. A source close to the restaurant hears that a landlord dispute is to blame, but reps are staying mum: We’ll let you know if and when we get word from someone on the inside about whether or not there will be a reopening.