Kings County Jerky Co. Goes Brick and Mortar in Bushwick


No more bungee-cord-and-box-fan dehydrators for Kings County Jerky Co. Thrillist brings word of the company's industrial-chic new digs in Bushwick, where they'll be offering tours and weekend open houses featuring jerky and beer. The meat monger's website informs us that, in addition to classic, bulgogi, and orange-ginger beef flavors, Kings will soon start peddling a vegetarian mushroom snack, "strips of portobello mushrooms ... bathed in savory marinades and slowly dried into chewy, delicious jerky." That doesn't sound too different from the mushroom chips David Chang and his cronies over at the Momofuku test kitchen are making. If only that place offered tours!

Kings County Jerky Co. [Thrillist]
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