Killjoys Come Down on Mulberry Street Bar and Murray Hill Pub Crawls

Photo: Getty Images

A Post roundup aims to prove dive bars still exist and yet resorts to including Ace Bar (kitschy Skee-ball machines do not a dive bar make) and Mason Dixon (same with mechanical bulls and steak-frites). But worry not: Dive bars (or at least, plain old neighborhood bars) are still around. Take Mulberry Street Bar, the century-old Little Italy institution that keeps it so real that people whined when it finally got an MP3 jukebox. Oh, wait! The Health Department shut it down for permitting issues and it’s closed for renovations (the bar tells us it will reopen “today or tomorrow”). Well, okay, whatever — maybe we’ll go bar crawling instead. Oh wait, Community Board 6 wants to ban that in Murray Hill! Eh, whatever, we can always go crawling on Roosevelt Avenue, with its Colombian dives and taxi-dance joints. Er, maybe not. They’re “improving quality of life” there, too! Maybe we’ll just stay home and suck down a Four Loko … Oh, wait

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