Josef Centeno’s Bäco Slated To Open Late Summer/Early Fall

Photo: Kevin Eats

The city will finally have a certain supply of Josef Centeno’s original creation, the “bäco,” in a new restaurant of the same name due to open in late summer or early fall. Described in The L.A. Times during the chef’s Lot 1 days as a hybrid of a gyro, pizza, and taco, Centeno created the dish on a whim after dinner service at Meson G and took the signature creation to every restaurant he’s worked at since, with its current versions popping up at Lazy Ox Canteen, though not as frequently as some might desire. BlogDowntown reports that the chef has signed a 10-year lease, with construction possibly beginning in June at Main and 4th Streets, with an opening expected in late August or early September. At that point, look out, as the opening of Bäco could be the hottest thing to hit the taco-fusion market since Kogi rolled out.

Bäco, 400 S. Main St. Downtown.

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