Jamie Oliver Rolls Out the Mother of All Food Trucks


Some time after Jamie Oliver won the TED Prize, we heard rumblings about a Food Revolution truck designed by David Rockwell. Oliver tweeted about it a few weeks ago, and now here it is! Bureaucrats, before you get in a huff about where exactly this monster is going to park, know that it’s not selling Korean tacos; instead, its eight kitchen stations (each accommodating two toques) will help teach kids and adults how to cook something other than Hot Pockets. Jamie will speak from on high (presumably in a pea-pod outfit) via a welcome video, and an inflatable band shell will add even more space when this bad boy rolls into your local school, county fair, or farmers’ market. The truck will complement five brick-and-mortar kitchens-cum-community-centers that Oliver plans to establish in New York, Los Angeles, Cleveland, Baltimore, and Dallas within the next eighteen months. All very wonderful, though we’d be more impressed if this thing were solar powered, à la SuperVan.