Is Kendall Square the Hottest Food Neighborhood?

Think Tank gets a neighbor.
Think Tank gets a neighbor. Photo: Lucy Sherman

More and more, it’s starting to look that way. A slew of places are opening or planning to open in the neighborhood, an area who’s eerie noiselessness used to really creep us out whenever we visited the Kendall Square Cinema. (When in doubt, we usually visit Za or Think Tank for a bite.) Now Boston Restaurant Talk reports that a tapas joint will enter the neighborhood. More ahead.

Apparently, the owners of Tapeo and Dali plan to open a spot called Kika Tapas on Third Street. They’ll serve lunch and dinner in a 126-seat dining room and on a seasonal patio.

We’ve always enjoyed Dali; less so Tapeo, whose gummy small plates are often outshined by a pleasant patio. But a tapas restaurant seems like a nicely necessary addition to the neighborhood, rife with workers seeking post-toil appetizers and movie-goers looking for a quick pre-theater meal. It’s supposed to open this fall; we’ll keep you posted.

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Is Kendall Square the Hottest Food Neighborhood?