The Best Vegetables, Offal, Lamb, and Doughnuts in Town

Michael White's Ai Fiori serves the city's choicest lamb chop.

This week's magazine is a very special edition: The Best of New York! To compile that, our critics took the week off from reviewing and instead weighed in on the choicest morsels in town. If you're determined to sample the new crop of doughnuts (heck, some say they might even be the new cupcake), here are the top five newbies to sink your sugar tooth into. We've also rounded up the tastiest veggies, the city's best new tasting menu, and a surprisingly delicious way to start the day: with a complexly flavored breakfast taco.

Meanwhile, Rob Patronite and Robin Raisfeld did find the time between "best of" rhapsodizing to report on the reopened Brooklyn Star. You'll recall that Joaquin Baca's original Dr. Pepper ribs specialist shuttered last year owing to a fire. Well, now it's back, in a bigger space with many of the same creative southwestern favorites.