‘Human Dumplings’ in Long Island City; Hot Female Sushi Chefs Have Traditionalists Steamed Up

• Heh: So this one market in Long Island City labeled some dumplings "human dumplings," when they meant "hunan." Zombie apocalypse? [Gothamist]

• There's a sushi restaurant in Tokyo where all the chef are female hotties, and that has some traditionalists up in arms. [WSJ]

• Paprika, duck fat, and homemade sodas are really having a moment, according to 2011 data so far. And so is once-unglamorous Filipino food. [NRN, Poor Taste]

• Okay, people, it's probably time to stop lacing chicken feed with arsenic ... [Grist]

• So it turns out Mutassim and Mohammed Gaddafi, sons of Muammar, were battling it out in Libya over a Coca-Cola plant. Speaking of Libya, the World Food Program says safe passages are needed urgently to get food to people there. [Reuters, UPI]

• Meanwhile, having seen what happened in Libya, Egypt, and elsewhere, owing partly to rising food prices, a bunch of countries are building more silos to stockpile grain. [Reuters]

• And Ben Bernanke wants you to know that whatever, y'all, just because the U.N. Food Price Index is at its highest point in two decades, it's not the Fed's fault! [Christian Science Monitor]